Halloween Town

Supplies Needed
Scrapkit called Halloween Town by Black Widow Creationz. This is a PTU kit that can be purchased HERE.
Tube of choice. I used Trick Honey by Elias Chatzoudis. You can purchase Tube and get License# HERE
Mask of choice. I used WSL_Mask39 by Weescotslass. You can get it HERE.
Font of choice. 

This tutorial is written for those who have a working knowledge of PSPx3 (any version should work) and Animation Shop.
This tutorial is of my own creation and was written on September 13, 2011. Please do not copy and paste on any other site, forum or blog. This tutorial is copyrighted to me only. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Let's Get Started. 
(Remember to save often)

Open new image 700x700.
Add new raster layer and flood fill #FFFFFF.
Add new raster layer and flood fill #404040.
Open Mask of choice or the one I used (WSL_Mask39).
Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image/Source Luminance/Invert Mask Data.
Layers/Merge/Merge Group.
Open Image4, paste as a new layer, duplicate, mirror, position trees next to each other, add drop shadow.
Open Image9, paste as a new layer below both Tree layer, resize 50%, position to the right, add drop shadow.
Open Tube of choice, paste as a new layer, resize and position as needed, add drop shadow.
Open Image19, paste as a new layer, add drop shadow.
Open Image 23, paste as a new layer below Tube layer.
Open Image18, paste as a new layer below Tube layer on left side.
Open Image17, paste above and in the center of Web layer, resize 20%, add drop shadow.
Open Image30, paste as a new layer, resize 25%, add drop shadow.
Open Image11, paste as a new layer, resize 50%, Change Opacity to 50%, duplicate twice.

(Animation Step - Skip this step if you do not want to animate your tag)
Duplicate each of the three Skulls. Change the Opacity of these skulls back to 100% and Hide these three layers for now. We will use these later. 

Open Image37, paste as a new layer, resize 50%, add drop shadow.
Add Name and Copyright info.
(If you want to finish without animation)
Merge visible, resize 80% (if desired) , save as a PNG!

(If you want to continue on and add animation, follow the steps below.)
(PSP= Paint Shop Pro and AS= Animation Shop)
Open Animation Shop.
In PSP Edit/Copy Special/ Copy Merged.
In AS Edit/Paste/As A New Animation.
Go back to PSP, Unhide 1 full Opacity Skull, Edit/Copy Special/ Copy Merged.
In AS Edit/Paste/After Current Frame.
Back in PSP, Rehide Full Skull and Unhide next Full skull, Edit/Copy Special/ Copy Merged.
In AS Edit/Paste/After Current Frame.
Repeat these steps changing the skulls each time until you are happy with the amount of frame. Mine has 6 frames total. 
In AS click on the first frame and while holding down Shift click on last frame, with all frame selected right click, Frame Properties, change to 60.
View/Animation. If you are happy with what you see go to File/Save As, name your tag, move slider up to Better Image Quality, Next/Next/Next/Finish.

I would ♥ to see your results. E-Mail me a copy HERE and I will add it to my site!!


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